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>>Project Reality v0.75
Download link: DOWNLOAD
*You'll have to download everything listed in order to get the game working!*

Project Reality has finally gone live with version 0.7! After many months of tedious work, we are ready to present Project Reality Mod v0.7 - STILL the most realistic gaming experience available for Battlefield 2.

Two files are needed for play - the Core (mod) installation files and the Levels (map) installation files. Both are
available via Torrent or direct download. Included within are a new game mode (Counter-Attack), new vehicles (the Scimitar IFV and Challenger 2 tank, among others), alterations to flight characteristics of aircraft and many other alterations to encourage realistic team play.

Jets and attack helicopters across the board are now using the new laser designation system, allowing infantry units to select targets for attack. In addition, squad leaders and Special Forces troops can call in air support via the commander in the form of a 2,000lb JDAM bomb.

Two new maps - "The Battle for Quinling" and "Fool's Road" allow the Militia, People's Liberation Army and British Armed Forces to showcase their new weaponry and vehicles. Quinling, stretching over 17km2, is a massive combined-arms battle with jets, helicopters, tanks and armoured personnel carriers all battling it out on the shores of a large lake. The stunning scenery and the all-new effects off the river's rapids contain enough eye-candy to make you stop and stare! Fool's Road, a pitched engagement in the Baltic between the Militia and the British also features a stunning array of mountains, cliff tops and amazing views, along with more unique statics and a distinct style of play garnered by the Militia's need to engage the British up close and personal!

The pace of game play has been slowed considerably by the removal of the squad leader spawn and the mini-map. Soldiers now need to guard their lives carefully, and it has become vital for squads to protect their rally points. The slower pace of play has made good tactical planning via the use of the full-sized map a necessity, and woe betide any infantryman who fails to pay proper attention to his surroundings!

Commanders are now free again to devote time to the greater overall picture by issuing build orders to their squad leaders - putting the responsibility for building and maintain defenses firmly in the hands of front-line troops. In addition, Commanders are now able to designate areas for attack by Close Support aircraft, landing zones for transport helicopters and GPS co-ordinates for guided munitions.

Building on the Kit Limiting system from previous releases, Squad Leaders with sufficient soldiers in their squad may spawn directly as an Officer. Meanwhile, Riflemen have the option of spawning with or without optics (the new ACOG sight in the case of the USMC), and special kits such as Snipers, Special Forces, Heavy Anti-Tank troops and MANPAD missile launchers may only be requested from well-stocked armories such as Firebases and Bunkers. Militiamen are now able to request all types of kit; however the quality of their weaponry may leave something to be desired still!

Included in the new release are the following game modes:

A) Advance and Secure v2 - In this game mode, each team battles over a "group" of control points (flags) at any given time. A team must capture the entire group of control points before moving on to the next designated group of control points. A "group" of control points can have as little as one control point in them, or as many as 5. One should expect fierce battles erupting over those flags, with very concentrated action where you get both a lot of attack and defense!

B) Insurgency - In this original PR game mode, the Insurgents have to defend their Ammo Caches. The other team has to try and seek them out and destroy them either by scouting for them, or 'arresting' civilians in an attempt to gain 'intelligence' on the whereabouts of the caches. Gaining certain amounts of arrests or Insurgent kills reward the Western Army with the rough locations of individual caches. The Insurgents will need to fight off the attacking force, where the only way the opposing force can win is to destroy all the Ammo Caches on the map!

C) Counter Attack (NEW!) - In this, the second completely original PR game mode, a defending force is pinned back by the opposing side. Much as AASv2, a series of Control Points can be taken by the assaulting team, but the defenders are unable to retake any lost ground until they receive reinforcements. At this point, they will receive additional tickets and/or vehicles, and may launch their counter-offensive. Both sides may win by either reducing the enemy tickets to zero or by controlling every Control Point on the map.

New Weapons:
M16A4 Iron Sights




New Vehicles:
Challenger 2

Scimitar IFV

Militia Spandrel

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Awesome!!!!! bounce


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